Sunday 17 December 2017

NFPE, Odisha condemns the unwarranted activities of some staff members in throwing away the Aadhaar Cards

Dear Comrades, 
Really it is a matter of shame for all of us. 

While we are taking high about the age old tradition and culture of this historic organization, such activities are clearly contradictory. Recently, I was taking classes in the Business Marketing Training Programme meant for the Postmen staff and organized by Odisha Postal Circle. My effort was concentrated only on the challenges ahead and our role. I was thinking that many employees were receiving my deliberation very seriously. But the present unfortunate incident confused me.

The concerned delivery staff might have brought his difficulties in delivering the aadhaar cards to the notice of his / her  higher authorities instead of damaging the reputation of the Department. 

The importance of Aadhaar Card is known to all of us now a day when everything is going to be digitized and Aadhaar linking is being made mandatory for various financial schemes and social security benefits. This unfortunate incident has happened in such a time when the Department has signed MoU with UIDAI for opening of Aadhaar Enrollment and Updating Centres in Post Offices. Can we now be able to win the trust of the members of public when the Department is running with 11000 crore deficit? Can we make our products and services customers' first choice which is the vision of the Department? Can we be able to achieve our business objectives adopting such offensive practices? 

Due to continuing advances in Information Technology and presence of competitors in Mail, Savings and Insurance sector, while there are serious challenges before the Department endangering its existence and we are collectively trying to earn more and more revenue to save this biggest postal network of the world, such intentional activities are not at all acceptable.

This Department is taking care of us and we must not be so ungrateful. 

 If the culprits are not suitably punished, such activities may be repeated. NFPE will not certainly support such activities.

On behalf of NFPE, Odisha, we seriously condemn such activities and request our  staff members not to do such things which will damage the goodwill of the Department and stand in the way of its future progress.

= B SAMAL = 
Circle Secretary
AIPEU, Gr.-C, Odisha

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  1. These unscrupulous officials need Examplenary punishment, administration shouldn't waste time in the name of proper inquiry and act fast.