Monday 25 December 2017

Circle Union represents to Secretary (Posts) and appraised NFPE, CHQ on implementation of Revised Order on Cadre Restructuring Proposal for Group-C Postal Employees in Odisha Circle

No. P3NFPE – Odisha / 14 – 12 / 2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 25th December, 2017
Com. R N Parashar
 Secretary General, NFPE
North Avenue Post Office Building
New Delhi -  110001

Sub: Implementation of Revised Order on Cadre Restructuring Proposal for Group-C Postal Employees in Odisha Circle

Ref.- Directorate’s letter No. 25-04/2012-PE-I (Vol.-II), dated 10.11.2017

Respected Comrade,
This has a reference to our telephonic discussion to meet the Secretary (Posts) here in Bhubaneswar during his visit to attend the All India Postal Cultural Meet.

Accordingly, we met the Secretary (Posts) on 23.08.2017 and discussed the lapses in implementing the revised order on cadre restructuring in Odisha Circle submitting a memorandum the copy of which is reproduced below.

 The discussion was made in the presence of the Chief PMG, both the PMsG, DPS(HQ) and AD(Staff) and the Chief PMG admitted that there is a confusion in maintaining the uniformity and in implementing the order w.e.f. 27.05.2016 for which C O, Bhubaneswar would refer the case to the Directorate.

The Secretary (Posts) has assured us to look into the case.

Therefore, we would like to request you to see our observations represented in the memorandum to the Secretary (Posts) reproduced below and appraise the Directorate accordingly for correct implementation of the revised order dated 10.11.2017 on Cadre Restructuring.

Expecting your kind response.

With regards.

Yours comradely,

Circle Secretary

No. P3NFPE – Odisha / 13 – 12 / 2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 23rd December, 2017
Shri A N Nanda, IPoS
Secretary, Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110 001
(Camp at Bhubaneswar)

Sub: Implementation of Revised Order on Cadre Restructuring Proposal for Group-C Postal Employees in Odisha Circle

Ref.- Directorate’s letter No. 25-04/2012-PE-I (Vol.-II), dated 10.11.2017

Respected Sir,
We are very much happy to inform you that basing on the analysis made by NFPE, Odisha, our CHQ took up the matter to the Directorate which in turn constituted the Cadre Restructuring Committee and the said Committee met with the Staff Side on 02.08.2017. Accordingly a revised order on Cadre Restructuring of Group-C Postal employees was released vide Directorate’s letter No. 25-04/2012-PE-I (Vol.-II), dated 10.11.2017 and Para 4.5 of the said letter specifies for implementation of Cadre Restructuring proposal of Group-C employees of the Department of Posts with effect from 27.05.2016. As per the existing instructions under Para 4.5 of the above order, it will be applicable to all including those who were in service but now retired. Accordingly, we had requested the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle to consider afresh the case of all those officials even who have declined earlier since the order is now effective from 27.05.2016.

But while implementing the above revised order of the Directorate, C O, Bhubaneswar vide its Memo No. ST / 26 – 6 (1) / 2017-18 (Postal), dated 21.12.2017 has ignored those officials who had declined after 31st March, 2017 and included those who had declined before 31st March, 2017 mentioning the date of effect which is  after expiry of one year from the date of declination.

This Union is of the opinion that this should not be treated as a normal DPC since this is a special order issued for the first time in Postal history and the Directorate has categorically mentioned to implement the order with effect from 27.05.2016 (the date of original order issued initially for implementation of Cadre Restructuring Proposal) to maintain uniformity. Thus, uniformity has not been maintained in ignoring the officials who had declined after 31st March, 2017.

Secondly, while the posting orders for the approved LSG officials were issued by Head Quarters Region, Bhubaneswar vide C O Memo No. ST / 26 – 6 (1) / 2017 (Postal), dated 22.03.2017, Berhampur Region released the same vide its Memo No. ST / 12 – LSG / 2017, dated 25.03.2017 and R O Sambalpur vide Memo No. ST / RO / 150 – 9 / 2017, Dated 25.03.2017 which was posted on 27.03.2017. In each case all the officials were allowed one month time for joining or otherwise for which some officials could take a decision to decline before 31st March and some after 31st March, 2017.

Instances have come to the notice of this Union that officials under Head Quarters Region who were fortunate to be posted in the parent offices where they were working earlier immediately exchanged their Charge Reports without waiting for the covering memo of the concerned Divisional Heads. This facility could not be availed by the officials of other regions due to delayed release of memos as cited above which has seriously affected the seniority of the officials joining late.

When the posting orders have been issued during the last week of March, 2017 that too on separate dates by each Region with one month period to join or otherwise, it is evident that decision will definitely go beyond 31st March for no fault of the approved officials.

Thus, no uniformity has also been maintained by all the three regions of Odisha Circle during initial implementation of the Cadre Restructuring proposal.

Therefore, under the circumstances, we would like to sincerely request you to kindly arrange to re-examine the spirit of the contents of the above Directorate’s revised order stating to implement the Cadre Restructuring proposal with effect from 27.05.2016 to maintain uniformity and issue suitable instructions to Odisha Circle for considering all cases including those who have declined both on or after 31st March, 2017 afresh which can only help to maintain uniformity.

With deep regards.

Yours faithfully,


Circle Secretary

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