Monday 25 July 2022


DOP Marketing and Outreach Campaign for Har Ghar Tiranga | List of Activities to be conducted by Post Offices for Har Ghar Tiranga

List of Activities to be conducted by Post Offices during the period 2nd August to 16th August 2022 are:

A. Objectives

1. Harness the physical reach of India Post to disseminate information and motivate the citizens to be part of the program.

2. Sensitize Postal Staff to hoist the national flag of India in their homes and also encourage fellow citizens to hoist the national flag of India in their homes to mark 75th Independence Day.

3. Sensitize Postal Staff to instill the feeling of patriotism and acknowledge the Journey of India over the last 75 years.

4. Extensive Social Media Campaign in partnership with Social Media Teams of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of I&B, etc.

B. Physical Outreach

1. Every Post Office (HO, SO, and BO) to Hoist the National Flag on 15th August 2022. Post Masters may invite local citizens for the Flag Hoisting ceremony.

2. Har Ghar Tiranga Anthem and Other Videos of the Campaign (as shared by the Ministry of Culture) to be displayed in the public areas of all HPOs and MDGs on the digital screens.

3. Every HPO and MDGs to put a banner at the main entrance of the Post Office. Posters to be put up in the public area of each SO and BO (Marketing division of Postal Directorate to provide designs of banners and posters)

4. A Selfie Point (Flag, Philatelic frame with stamps and special covers on the national flag and freedom movement) to be put up in each HPO. Customers coming to HPOs to be motivated to take Selfie at this point and share it on social media handles by tagging India Post and Amrit Mahotsav handles with the

5. In each District, a Prabhat Pheri to be organized (50 to 75 participants) by DH/ASP with the participation of Postal Staff and local citizens. Patriotic Songs to be played during the Prabhat Pheri. The event concludes at some public place where citizens can be informed about the campaign and motivated to purchase the flag from the nearest post office and hoist it at their homes and office.

6. DHs and SDIs to contact the local RWA/prominent citizens to be part of this campaign and purchase flags from Post Offices.

7. Representatives of Postal Union at various to hold events for the campaign and upload pictures on official social media handles.

8. PRIs/MEs/ASPs to meet and visit local govt offices of central and state governments and inform them about the Har Ghar Tiranga Progam.

These offices to be motivated to purchase the flag from the local post office.

9. Dhai Akhar workshops in schools to sensitize students about the Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign.

a. For every event above, Circles to ensure that GPS-tagged pictures are taken and stored on a central repository. High-Quality pictures to be shared on official social media handles of the campaign with a proper name and caption.

b. Circles to utilize the funds provided for marketing for the printing of posters, banners, etc.

C. Digital Outreach

1. Har Ghar Tirangna Web Banner on all DOP Websites – India Post, IPPB, Dak Karmayogi, etc.

2. All Social Media Handles of India (Directorate, Circle, and Region) to put the banner of the campaign on their official Social Media Handles.

3. India Post to send SMS and emailers to its customers for participating in the campaign and to buy the flag from the nearest post office.

4. A teaser video (MOC/MOSC) inviting postal employees and citizens to participate in the biggest event of AKAM.

5. Circles to tie up with local radio channels (FM, AIR) for increasing awareness about the campaign and motivating citizens to purchase the flag from the local post office.

6. 2 Week Social Media Campaign (local stories, flag at prominent post offices, staff motivating citizens, Prabhat Pheris, selfie points, etc.) to be designed and executed by the marketing division in participation with circles and the ministry of culture.

D. Outcome Indicators:

1. Postal Employees of all categories collectively work to ensure that the maximum number of people/citizens are mobilized through the activities indicated above to be part of this campaign.

2. Each Postal Employee to mobilize at least 50 people from their locality to be part of this campaign.

3. Every Postal Circle to maintain a proper photographic record and database to be conducted by various post offices in the circle.

4. Reporting format will be shared by the marketing division.


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