Tuesday 25 May 2021

UPU News - Georgian Post offers vital lifeline to citizens in need

Like many other posts around the world, Georgian Post has played a crucial role in supporting local communities and the government during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

“The postal service’s substantial assets and capabilities have assisted Georgia’s citizens and the state in times of need, and I am sure they will continue to do so for future emergencies,” says Nugzar Bregvadze, head of the International Relations and Operations Department at Georgian Post. 

Safety measures, such as the daily disinfection of sorting centers and the supply of PPE to staff, have been implemented throughout the organization to ensure employees are safe and that they can continue to serve citizens. All deliveries are now also contactless, with parcels being left on the doorstep, to minimize exposure to the virus. 

“We also launched two new services – the Corporate Delivery service and the Door-to-Door Delivery service to help meet the increased demand for e-commerce items,” says Bregvadze. “These services will also help local businesses to be more profitable.” 

And it’s not just its own delivery services that Georgian Post has looked to enhance. The operator is now working closely with the Georgian Red Cross to provide assistance in delivering information leaflets and essential protective equipment to quarantine zones.  

“We have also carried out the home delivery of medicines to help support vulnerable Georgian citizens, such as those isolating at home following the advice of a medical practitioner, people aged over 70, and people with chronic health conditions,” Bregvadze explains. “Georgian Post has, for example, supported the home delivery of blood glucose tests for people under the age of 18 with diabetes, who are more likely to have serious complications from Covid-19.” 

According to the post, the medicine delivery project has already delivered assistance to more than 200,000 citizens who are considered high risk. “We look forward to continuing to provide a safe and reliable home delivery service for essential medical supplies in the future,” Bregvadze adds.  

As the lockdown lifts and the vaccination effort in the country ramps up, the postal operator is still facing some restrictions impacting its delivery process, but according to Bregvadze, the post is doing everything it can to minimize the impact on customers.  

“Delivery standards have been affected by the pandemic,” says Bregvadze. “For example, the transportation of mail cross border has been tough, as there aren’t as many flights, and cross border delivery quality has been impacted due to transit times. We are trying to use as many alternative delivery channels as possible, such as surface-based transportation to European countries, to ensure we continue to deliver. By using this approach, Georgian Post has kept almost 70 destinations during pandemic, which represents almost 95% of its general traffic.”

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