Thursday 26 November 2020

Strong Revolutionary Greetings to the NFPE Leaders and Comrades of Odisha Circle

 Dear Comrades,

We are extremely happy and feel proud enough to declare that N F P E Odisha Circle has again proved its unity for struggle in successfully organizing the one day general strike on 26.11.2020. 

Without caring for any negativity, without being worried about the negative forces spreading false messages / rumours about withdrawal of the strike to discourage the NFPEians, our beloved NFPE leaders and warriors could conduct the strike more successfully than all the previous strikes in spite of COVID-19 restrictions which ultimately proved how conscious they are about their constitutional rights.

Under no circumstances, NFPEians can run away from their own responsibilities. The betrayers should learn a lesson from NFPE. The cowards should introspect now and ask themselves if they need OPS, 8th CPC, DA etc or not.  

It is better to be defeated in struggle for your rights rather than to show cowardice. But the courage and sacrifices of NFPEians are par excellence. They don't know to surrender.

Hats off to all the NFPEians.

We have received hundreds of strike photographs from all Divisions and posted some selected photographs in our Circle website elsewhere.

Organization in the state headquarters remained very much successful due to full participation of AIPAOEU, Odisha Circle branch.

On behalf of NFPE, Odisha State CoC, we congratulate all our leaders and members for their constructive contribution to bring a resounding success to this one day nationwide strike.

Wishing similar cooperation in all struggle programmes in future.

With strong revolutionary greetings.

 = B SAMAL =

Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Gr-C &

Chairman, NFPE, ODisha State CoC

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