Monday 29 April 2019

Statement of the Director General on the 145th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union

25.04.2019 - The Universal Postal Union’s 145th Anniversary is a cause for celebration across the international postal sector, but also an opportunity to pause, to reflect and to appreciate the organization’s achievements in the 21st Century.

Certainly, the representatives of the 22 countries who founded the organization in Berne, Switzerland, could not have foreseen the UPU’s immense impact on the postal sector. The UPU is a byword for postal innovation and creativity, and our influence on the postal sector is acknowledged throughout the world.
In the last 145 years, we have seen many transformations, but the breakneck pace of today’s change is such that postal operators are redefining their role within the new digital economy and the e-commerce world.
We are helping in these efforts through numerous projects and programmes that help both developed and developing countries.
Against this background, the theme we have chosen for our 145th anniversary year, which best exemplifies our commitment to our member countries and postal operators, is “delivering development.” This phrase captures our ceaseless search to find new and innovative ways to deliver value to the international postal network. 
Delivering development was also chosen because the phrase reinforces the UPU’s role and relevance; and it highlights the close links between the UPU and the wider UN family, including global efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.   
In the coming months, we will hold celebrations culminating on 9th October when we will gather at our headquarters in Berne for our anniversary on World Post Day. I hope you will join us in these celebrations not just of the Universal Postal Union, but also the universal service obligation delivering one network, one world.

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