Thursday, 9 July 2020

Justice delayed, but not ignored

Dear Comrades,
After continuous correspondences / discussions with the authorities and agitational programmes for last 22 months,   a ray of good hope could be seen in the hearts of the NFPE members of Sambalpur Division with the transfer of their ex-SPOs vide Circle Office Memo No. ST / 2 - 4 (2) / 2019, dated 30.06.2020. Sharing it with all NFPE lions, the Circle Union would like to thank the Regional and Circle Administration for their delayed realization of the irregular activities of the ex-SPOs that were brought to their notice severally based on which, he was transferred.    

As an interim measure, Sri B B Negi has remained in charge of the SPOs, Sambalpur. A team of members leaded by Com. P C Rout, our beloved Circle President has already met the new SPOs on the very of his joining on 01.07.2020 and soon after his joining, the monthly Union Meeting which was stopped arbitrarily with the highhandedness of the ex-SPOs was conducted in a very congenial atmosphere on 07.07.2020 with assurance of settlement of all pending issues as early as possible. 

The journey of previous 22 months was very much painful with frequent change of Divisional Secretary, President and other office bearers including the bifurcation issue. As if, the Divisional Union remained in home isolation for 22 months. But thanks to our continuous united struggle movement, the quarantine period has now been over. Though justice has been delayed, it has not been ignored.

NFPE is not an organization to celebrate when others are put to trouble. But definitely there is a reason of celebration when our struggles and sacrifices do contribute for the cause of truth and justice.

We are confident that all the irregularities will come to light shortly and we can save our Department from corruption and malpractices.

Let truth and justice prevail.

With struggle greetings.

Circle Secretary

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