Monday, 20 July 2020

20.07.2020 - A Bad Day for Odisha Circle - Sri R N Jena, ABPM, Amarda SO expired

 Sri Rajendra Nath Jena, 60, ABPM, Amarda SO under Mayurbhaj  Division was under treatment for last 17 days in Sum Hospital, Bhubaneswar  being detected with COVID +ve. Today (20.07.2020) while he was returning home with  COVID-19 -ve after treatment, suddenly experienced breathing problems on the way near Basta (Balasore) and admitted to Basta Hospital. Soon after admission, the doctor declared him dead.  

As ascertained, on the way of his return to home, he was given the message that his family members have also been affected with COVID-19 +ve and after listening the message he became serious and died of cardiac arrest.

Now his daughter (married) and his wife are under treatment in Rash Govindpur COVID hospital being detected with COVID +ve. He has also an unmarried son. Both his son and son-in-law are tested negative.

This is the third consecutive death in postal fraternity of Odisha Circle since yesterday.

 Deeply shocked, we on behalf of NFPE Odisha convey our sincere condolences to the bereaved family members.

May the departed soul  rest in peace.

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