Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Chief PMG, Odisha restricts public entry to Circle Office to protect his staff and officers from COVID-19

Public are restricted where public hardly go and no restriction in respect of Post Offices which are flooded with rush of public

There is no one to save the operative staff who are dealing directly with members of public and where there is every possibility of spread of novel Corona virus at any moment 

In spite of our repeated requests, there is

No reduction in staff strength to 50% as per State Govt. Order

No reduction in working hours as per orders of MHA

No regular sanitization of POs/ RMS Offices

No regular supply of preventive materials

No stoppage of biometric devices

No orders to stop door delivery

No response to Union / RJCM letters

No arrangement for organizing meeting with Staff Side maintaining  social distancing for discussion on ongoing situation of COVID-19 in Odisha

Total avoidance and discrimination to operative staff members

Earlier Directorate has created such discrimination which has been objected by us

Now Circle Office in the same line

Discrimination in between operative and administrative staff of the same Department during this critical juncture of  COVID-19 pandemic is highly condemnable 

This is gross injustice and NFPE Odisha seriously protests such attitude of the Circle Office and Directorate

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