Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Postal JCA (NFPE, FNPO & BPEF), Odisha Circle demands early settlement of COVID-19 issues

No. PJCA-Odisha/ COVID-19/2020,
                                  Dated at Bhubaneswar the 21st July, 2020
Col. Jaleswar Kanhar, IPoS
Chief Postmaster General
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub:-    Handling situation and disruption on account of COVID - l9 in Odisha Circle – regarding.

Respected Sir,
As aware, to escape from the harmful effects of COVID-19 pandemic, while the Directorate has decided to stop physical despatch of communications (Letters / Statements / Reports) from Directorate to Circles and vice versa and even within Directorate, the Circle administration has also restricted the entry of public to the Circle Office.

But, it is quite surprising that while taking such decisions, the Department forgot the condition of lakhs of its employees who are working in Post and RMS Offices and physically handling innumerable letters/parcels/packets moving though different modes of transmission under different temperature in different places where possibility of carrying novel corona virus is more. Such orders prove that the lives of the employees working in administrative offices are more precious than the lives of the operative employees in the eyes of the Directorate and Circle Office. Perhaps for this reason, operative employees are not even spared on weekend shutdown declared by the State Government and full attendance is enforced in Post / RMS Offices in spite of clear guidelines to reduce the staff strength to 33% / 50% with staggering of work / business hours, screening and hygiene, frequent sanitization etc. by MHA and DoPT.

While the operative staff members in Post and RMS Offices are working day and night without PPE, proper and regular sanitization of workplaces due to non-supply of machine and disinfectants, zero thermal scanning of  customers due to non-supply of thermal scanners by the administration, violation of social distancing due to cramped accommodation and want of proper sitting arrangement for the members of public, there is every apprehension that very soon the post offices will be converted into maternity home of COVID-19 if we take a look on the increasing trend of traced, positive and death cases throughout the nation.

In the meantime, Odisha Postal Circle has already witnessed several positive cases in Parlakhemeundi HO, Berhampur RMS, Balasore RMS, Amarda S O (Mayurbhanj Division) and in many other places including the first COIVD-19 death case of late G P Dash, PA, Parlakhemundi HO.

At this critical juncture, the Postal JCA, Odisha Circle feels that the Department is not at all serious towards the operative side where the staff members are more vulnerable to novel corona virus in spite of several letters written by individual Unions and RJCM (Staff Side), Odisha Circle. The supply of preventive materials like hand wash, sanitizer, hand gloves, face masks etc. has remained in pen and paper. Even after 3 months of horrible condition of COVID-19 pandemic, neither the supply of such materials to post offices by the Divisional administration is regular nor the SPMs / Postmasters / SROs / HROs have been specifically ordered for the purpose to purchase and submit the bills for sanction so far.  It is witnessed that the employees are purchasing such items out of their own pocket to save their lives.

The Postal JCA also feels that our letters, appeals and discussions have no impact on administration except to run the Department at the cost of the lives of these innocent operative staff members and to achieve the targets by hook or by crook in the name of providing essential services.  Excessive staff resentments are mushrooming at grass root level which may not be controlled in future since all are feeling insecure in respect of their lives including the family members. The reaction of the mass is “Enough is enough”.

As such, with due regards to the sentiments of all grass root level members, we would like to request you once again to look into the following aspects urgently without any plea or delay to contain spread of COVID-19 and to save the lives of the staff and their family members.

1.    To run the Post / RMS Offices with 50% staff introducing roster arrangement including administrative offices, PAO, PSDs, CPCs, Hubs etc. exempting physically handicapped and pregnant women employees. 

2.    To reduce the business hours of the Post and RMS Offices restricting to maximum 5 hours on all working days and 3 hours on Saturday.

3.    To ensure compulsory COVID-19 Test of all employees. In the first phase, the employees of GPOs/HOs/MDGs and other bigger offices including administrative Offices may be targeted.

4.    To close all PO Aadhaar Centres and other biometric activities like PMA, AePS etc. 

5.    Not to ensure achievement of annual targets fixed for 2020-21 in respect of POSB, IPPB, PLI/RPLI and BD products and services.

6.    To stop doorstep delivery of articles except medicines and essential items and to ensure window delivery.

7.    To ensure supply of adequate preventive materials centrally by Divisional Offices to all offices calculating their daily requirements according to the staff strength.

8.    To convert the IRs / IQs and vacant staff quarters to COVID-19 Isolation Centres for suspected / affected Departmental employees and GDS.

9.    Supply of Thermal Scanners and Sanitization Machines to all POs / RMS Offices with permission for purchase of required disinfectants as and when necessary.

10. Deployment of a person on daily wage basis at the main entrance of the POs, especially in bigger offices with unexpected rush of customers for thermal scanning,  requesting / helping each customer to wash hands and to use sanitizer and to restrict entry of customers to the Counter Hall till restoration of normalcy. 

11. Provision of police assistance at the entrance of the bigger offices like GPOs/HOs, HSG-I / HSG-II SOs and MDGs to minimize rush of customers into the counter hall and to maintain proper social distancing. 

12. To close down all post offices in the containment zones and on each Saturday in the areas where weekend shutdown is declared by the State Govt. 

13. To return all RMS staff members brought on deputation from Puri and Cuttack RMS to NSH Bhubaneswar during this lockdown period. 

14. Temporary sitting arrangements for customers especially for senior citizens / women and disabled with provision of chairs, writing tables, fans and drinking water facility in the available space of the PO premises till restoration of normalcy.

Further to intimate that if the above demands are not addressed properly within a week’s time, the Postal JCA, Odisha Circle will be forced to adopt  serious agitational programmes throughout the Circle as permissible within the lockdown period culminating to strike, if situation warrants to save the entirety of postal workers and employees of Odisha Circle.

We should be very specific that dislocation in operative works occurs if any during the current crisis of COVID-19 due to such agitational programmes of Postal JCA, Odisha, the Circle administration will be completely held responsible.

            Hope, the administration will come forward immediately for a suitable negotiation for settlement of all the above issues without further delay.

A line of reply on the action taken is highly solicited at the earliest.

        With regards.

Yours faithfully,

(Raj Kishore Mohapatra)
Circle Secretary, P-III,
BPEF, Odisha 
(Manoj Ku Panigrahi)
Circle Secretary, P-III,
FNPO, Odisha 
(Bruhaspati Samal)
Circle Secretary, P-III
NFPE, Odisha  

(J Pradhan)
Circle Secretary, P-IV
 BPEF, Odisha 
(Lambodar Raut)
Circle Secretary, P-IV
 FNPO, Odisha 
(M C S Rao)
Circle Secretary, P-IV
NFPE, Odisha  

(S B Jena)
Circle Secretary
BEDEU, Odisha
(R N Pattnaik)
Circle Secretary, R-III
FNPO, Odisha
(Dusmanta Ku. Sethi)
Circle Secretary, R-III
NFPE, Odisha

(Syed Basha)
Circle Secretary, R-IV
FNPO, Odisha
(R N  Mohanty)
Circle Secretary, R-IV
NFPE, Odisha

(Goutam Das)
Circle Secretary
NUGDS, Odisha
(Kalinga Ku. Panda)
Circle Secretary
AIPAEA, Odisha

(Srikanta Mallick)
Circle Secretary

(Pradosh Ku. Mohanty)
Circle Secretary

(Ashok Kumar Panda)
Circle Secretary
AIPEU GDS, Odisha 

Copy forwarded to all Secretary Generals / General Secretaries of all Federations / Unions for kind information and necessary action. 

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