Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Circle Union writes on the performance of Aadhaar Enrollment and Updation Centres functioning in Post Offices

No. P3NFPE-Odisha/04 - 07/2020
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 7th July, 2020
          Sri Aditya Kumar Nayak
Director (HQ Region)
O / o the Chief Postmaster General
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub:-  Performance of Aadhaar Enrollment and Updation Centres functioning in Post Offices –  Suggestions regarding.

Ref.:-  C O D O No. BD/16-64/2/2019, dated 03.07.2020

Respected Sir,
This is regarding the review result on performance of Aadhaar Centres functioning in Post Offices communicated to all SSPOs/SPOs of Odisha Circle vide C O D O under reference with direction to identify issues / reasons of non-syncing of Aadhaar Centres and less number of transactions.

In this context, this Union would like to say that the above issues are mainly witnessed in ‘B’ and ‘A’ Class Delivery Post Offices that are almost functioning single-handed due to shortage of staff. While the SPMs/PAs of such Post Offices mostly remain busy in effectively running the counter, timely beat-out and delivery / dispatch works, they hardly find sufficient time to look after the Aadhaar Centre. The status of the LSG offices is almost the same. However, such problems do not exist in HOs, HSG-I POs and MDGs. Only synchronization will prove that the Aadhaar Centre is active. But, without desired transactions, the very purpose of establishing Aadhaar Centres in Post Offices will not be solved which may be a cheating both to the members of public and to the Department.

Secondly, for technical issues, the response of the vendor, i.e. M/s Transline Technologies Pvt. Ltd.(biometricsupport@transline.india) is not at all satisfactory. Illustratively, it can be brought to your notice that there is no display in 2nd Monitor of Sahidnagar MDG Aadhaar Centre which has been brought to the notice of the vendor since 26.06.2020 under intimation to Divisional / Circle Office. But, no action has yet been taken either to repair or to replace the same in spite of telephonic (9711930326, 9716340664) discussion with the vendor. Under the circumstances, the plight of the SPMs of ‘B’ and ‘A’ Class Post Offices needs to be considered judiciously by the authority without any negativity or irritation.

Further, as reported to this union, staff members of ‘B’ and ‘A’ Class Delivery Post Offices have been charge-sheeted / punished in this regard by some Divisions (viz.; Kalahandi). Threatening and punishment will not at all solve the purpose. We have to see and realize the reality of such Post Offices. Therefore, both for synchronization and transaction, the Aadhaar Enrollment and Updation Centres need to be functional in real sense for which additional manpower is barely necessary.

However, as seen from the Directorate letter dated 01.07.2020 in File No.36-15/2017-BD & MD (Pt.V) voll, the Department is considering to use contract employees and manpower outsourced from any agency appointed on salary as enrollment operators subject to availability of a regular employee / official from DoP as verifier at the enrollment centre. In our opinion, this process will not be beneficial for the Department since while we have to pay salary for the contract employee increasing the financial burden of the Department on one hand, the verification work will increase the workload of the SPMs of ‘B’, ‘A’ Class and LSG Post Offices who are already overloaded on the other. But, if the salary to such workers will be paid by UIDAI, we should have no objection. The fee collection against different defined Aadhaar services by the Post Office Aadhaar Enrollment and Updation Centre is a meager amount that may not afford the salary of the contract worker if engaged by the Department.

Thus, we would like to suggest to examine the feasibility and to explore the possibility of diverting surplus GDS or Postmen staff from bigger offices with light delivery works and deploying them in all ‘B’, ‘A’ Class and LSG Post Offices where Aadhaar Enrollment and Updation Centres are available so that purpose of opening such Centres will be justified and the members of public will also be benefitted.

Expecting your judicious consideration, Sir.

With regards.
Yours faithfully,

(Bruhaspati Samal)
Circle Secretary

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