Saturday, 4 July 2020

Circle Union writes to NFPE on redesigning the process of re-verification of Service Associations

No. P3NFPE-Odisha/02 - 07/2020
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 3rd July, 2020
Com. R N Parashar
Secretary General, NFPE 
North Avenue P O Building, New Delhi – 110 001

Sub:- Redesigning the process of re-verification of Service Associations – Suggestions regarding.
Ref.- Directorate letter F. No. 09-01/2018-SR, dated 01.06.2020
Respected Comrade,
          This is regarding Recommendations of the Committee for suggesting modification and better system in verification process for recognition of Service Associations communicated vide Directorate letter under reference.

As per Para – 3 & 4 of Annexure – I of the above Directorate letter, the employee will submit required details online authorizing his/her deduction of subscription, for the financial year, from the pay roll in favour of a particular service association and the above details containing authorization of employee will reach the concerned Divisional Office electronically. The system will automatically consolidate the name of employees, association wise in the format as given in PART-1 of Annexure-Ill of the said letter. Further, as per Para 5 of the letter ibid, the Divisional Office will take a printout of the consolidated details association-wise generated in the system and will confirm the same from the respective association for its membership in the format as given in PART-II of Annexure IIl.

In our opinion, this is not the appropriate process.

Presently, the Letters of Authorization are collected by the Divisional Union and submitted to the Divisional Head duly authorized / countersigned by the concerned Divisional Secretary which has been dispensed with in the proposed online verification process as above. As a result, the concerned Divisional Secretary will completely remain in dark as to how many staff members did exercise their option for his/her Union till the same are received back from the Divisional Head for confirmation.

Now, when an employee is applying for anything to the Divisional Head through ESS portal in SAP, it passes through a forwarding authority i.e. SPM, Postmaster, DPM, Sr. Postmaster etc. so that both the employee and his immediate authority can keep a proper track of the purpose of the application ensuring its proper submission and subsequent disposal.

This facility can be provided to the Divisional Secretaries / authorized persons of all Divisional Unions / Associations in SAP Employee Portal under Manager Self Service through proper mapping with the names of the Unions. The Letter of Authorization to a particular Union by any staff member in ESS should be forwarded to the Divisional Head through the Divisional Secretary / authorized person of his / her desired Union so that a particular Union can keep a track of the number of applications submitted for his/her Union to the Divisional Head and actually returned back for confirmation.

As such, transparency can be maintained and there will be no apprehension of any mischievous activity after submission by the employee concerned.

Therefore, it is requested to appraise the Directorate to collect the Employee Id of each Divisional Secretary / Authorized person and map them suitably in SAP with the name of his / her Union / Association so that when an employee fills up the name of the Union / Association, the same will be forwarded to the Divisional Secretary / Authorized person of that particular Union / Association who will subsequently forward it to the Divisional Head keeping a record of it.

With regards.
Comradely yours,

(Bruhaspati Samal)
Circle Secretary

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