Tuesday, 2 June 2020

NFPE opposes online membership verification process proposed by the Department

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No. PF- 03(b)/2020                                                                    Dated: 02nd June 2020


            The secretary,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001

Sub:   Suggestions of NFPE on the recommendations of Committee for suggesting modifications and better system in verification process for recognition of Associations-Reg

Ref:    Your No. F No. 09-01/2018-SR dated 1st June, 2020.

            With reference to your above cited letter we would like to remind our previous letter on the subject .We had opposed online Verification process and still we oppose the proposed online verification process and this is  the consolidated opinion of all General Secretaries of NFPE unions i.e. AIPE Union P-III,P-IV, R-III,R-IV, Admn. Postal Accounts and AIPEU GDS Union. Membership Verification of unions is carried out as per instructions and guide lines laid down in CCS(RSA) Rules-1993 under which Check Off system has been introduced.

            As you are well aware that CSI has not been implemented every where. Almost more than 35%, Post Offices are not still under CSI. There is no internet excess in about 35%. Post Offices of India. In GDS BOs condition is also more poor. If online verification system is introduced, it will not be successful. Under this online system there will be no role of unions and there may be disconnect between leadership and membership.

            We oppose the recommendations of Committee regarding withdrawal of membership as per para-8A of Annexure-I. Withdrawal and modification should be allowed only once in year as per CCS (RSA) Rules. Enrollment of new membership may be permitted throughout the year.

            The subscription should be deducted every month and should be transferred to the union every month as per CCS(RSA) Rules. We do not agree with the recommendations of Committee as given in Para-3.

            It is therefore, requested to kindly do not switch over to online system  and continue Check-off System as per CCS(RSA) Rules. Hope you will consider our concerns positively.
With regards.

                                                            Yours Sincerely,

(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General

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