Monday, 11 March 2019

Women in the Post: an interview with Jasminka Krivokuca

08.03.2019 - In celebration of International Women’s Day, UPU News contacted Pošte Srpske CEO Jasminka Krivokuca for her perspective on gender balance in the postal sector.

The theme this year is “Balance for Better”. How do you think promoting gender balance can better the postal sector and the communities it serves?
The time when women were perceived less capable than men is behind us. There is a rising trend of women in leading positions, taking their decision-making role and influence within society to a higher level. Women can now contribute to everything that was previously exclusive to men. The gap between genders is now shrinking compared to the past, but there is still a long road ahead of us in reaching full equality. A joint effort, from women themselves and their male colleagues, is necessary to accelerate positive changes. The influence of state institutions is important as well. In my opinion, it will be beneficial to our society to join forces and end gender inequality. Gender equality, not only in the postal sector, but in any sector, can only contribute to the future success of the industry.
As a woman who has reached the most senior role in the Post, how would you describe your journey to the top?
The fact that for the third time in my career I have taken on a director’s role and that this is my third mandate as CEO of Pošte Srpske, is evidence that the time when the women were perceived as less capable than men is behind us. Before I took over the role of CEO of Pošte Srpske, I worked as a commercial director in a silk factory in the north-west of Republika Srpska. Afterwards, I held the same position in a fabric factory in Banja Luka, where I managed 1,500 workers. My ability to progress through professional challenges was crucial to my success. I think that women are riding the wave of change and are delivering results, not just as equals to their male counterparts, but even better in some cases.
As CEO, what are you doing to promote gender balance in your own organization?
I am proud to say that gender equality in Pošte Srpske is well established at every level of our organization. Whether we are talking about business policies or making executive decisions, staff from both genders are included. Reaching gender equality is only possible in a society that supports women not only in the working environment, but in every facet of daily life.
What advice would you give to young women who aspire to become leaders in their organizations someday?
You need to make an effort to be able to reach your career goal. To become a leader, knowledge is the first thing you must possess, accompanied by work experience. Then you must have a clear goal and readiness to take action and work to your full potential. You need to stay positive and believe that the end result is achievable. My advice is not to give up when facing obstacles along the way; do not accept no for an answer.  Believe in yourself and rely on your abilities.
Pošte Srpske is a designated postal operator of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A full-length version of this article will be featured in the Spring 2019 edition of Union Postale magazine.

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