Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Circle Union writes to NFPE on promotion of eligible HSG-I Cadre Officials to HSG-I NFG Cadre

No. P3NFPE-Odisha/03 - 03/2019
Dated at Cuttack the 11th March, 2019
Com. R N Parashar
Secretary General, NFPE
North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110 001

Sub:   Promotion of eligible HSG-I Cadre Officials to HSG-I NFG Cadre.

Ref.-   i. Directorate letter No. No. 25-19/2018-PE-I, dated 25.02.2019
            Ii. NFPE CHQ letter No. PF/NFPE/Postmaster Cadre, dated 28.02.2019

Respected Comrade,
Inviting a kind reference to NFPE CHQ letter under reference (ii) in response to Directorate letter  under reference ( i ) on the above subject, this Circle Union opposes the recommendation of the Committee constituted to examine the issues related to the Postmaster Cadre in its  3rd  meeting held on 16.01.2019 as enunciated under Para 4.1.3 (I) ( b) of the Directorate letter under reference which states that  till combined seniority list after merger is finalized, after orders are issued for merger, Circles may be asked to maintain status quo in giving financial upgradation to HSG-I officials as HSG-I (NFG).

  Accordingly no DPC is being held now for the purpose.

  As aware, both the Committee and the Sub-Committee constituted for the purpose are of the view that appropriate proposal be initiated for seeking approval of the competent authority to allow NFG for all HSG-I officials after two years of service in that grade since NFG is given after completion of certain period of service without linking to availability of posts. Since no time frame has been fixed to accord promotions in PM Grade II and Grade III as per the relaxed service conditions which has already been rightly pointed out by NFPE CHQ, maintenance of status quo in giving financial upgradation to HSG-I officials as HSG-I (NFG) as per Para 4.1.3 ( II ) ( b) of the Directorate letter under reference is a gross injustice to officials who are now eligible for promotion to NFG Cadre.

Illustratively, it may be intimated that out of 10 posts of HSG-I NFG in Odisha Circle, now 5 posts are vacant and there are eligible officials completing more than 2 years of continuous service in HSG-I cadre for such promotion. This may be the position in all other Circles also. Debarring such officials from promotion on the plea of merger is not at all acceptable.

Therefore, it is requested kindly to appraise the Directorate to issue an express order for completing the required DPC for promotion of all eligible HSG-I officials to HSG-I NFG cadre before the proposed merger of Postmaster Cadre with the General Line.

With regards.
Comradely yours,

(Bruhaspati Samal)
Circle Secretary

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