Sunday, 17 May 2020

Grand Salute to the PJCA warriors for conducting the week long protest successfully in Odisha Circle

Dear Comrades,
Really words fall short to describe the struggling spirit of the staff members for week long continued protest demonstrations from 11.05.2020 to 16.05.2020 wearing black badges in work places obeying the lockdown norms under the banner of Postal Joint Council of Action, Odisha Circle (NFPE, FNPO & BPEF) which ultimately justified that under no circumstances we will be succumbed to injustices in any manner.

The spontaneous participation, unconditional support, abundant love and overwhelming dedication for the union in true spirit depicted by all  members of the entire Circle for a common cause during this critical juncture of national corona pandemic, that too continuously for one week were never seen before and as such will be certainly written in golden words of the Postal Trade Union Movement of Odisha Circle.

While we are very nearer to our success, some unwanted situations came to our notice during the last two days regarding misbehavour and high-handedness of some irresponsible IPPB personnel who are becoming very intolerant towards DOP staff being apprehensive of their failure. We must record our sincere thanks to all members for protesting against such intolerance of IPPB people on the last day of our mass demonstration. The issues are being dealt with seriously by us. We are determined not to spare anybody who is playing with the pride and prestige of this glorious platform.

In addition, we are also extremely sorry to note the support of some authorities to IPPB people instead of supporting their own DOP staff members. We are closely watching their activities. Your support will help us to bring their anti-employee activities into light. One thing just to remember that officers may come and go, leaders may come and go, but this platform will continue to fight against injustices for ever. So our prime responsibility is to stay committed and save the pride and prestige of this golden platform with our blood and sweat.  

We record our sincere obligation to all Circle Secretaries, Divisional Secretaries, Branch Secretaries and members of all wings including our well-wishers who directly and indirectly supported us.

Stay united and continue with the struggle programmes. There is no short cut to success except rigorous struggle.

Grand Salute to one and all for this success.

Postal JCA Zindabad

Workers Unity Zindabad.

=  Bruhaspati Samal =
Convenor, Postal JCA
Odisha Circle

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