Monday, 29 April 2019

Factbox: How the UPU develops postal strategy

29.04.2019 - With over 668,000 post offices, 5.3 million staff and physical infrastructure covering 192 countries, the postal sector represents one of the largest physical networks in the world. As a specialized agency of the United Nations System, the UPU plays a unique role in enabling and enhancing the socio-economic benefits of postal services.

However, the changing postal environment and the emergence of new commercial challenges call for a sound postal strategy with specific objectives and solutions tailored to the problems facing postal operators. Strategic planning helps the international postal network meet these new challenges and bring its operating methods in line with changes to the network.
The UPU develops a World Postal Strategy every four years not only to guide its future actions, but also to make sure that it continues providing benefit to its member countries.
To create such strategies, the UPU analyzes the risks and opportunities faced by different stakeholders and its role in supporting them going forward. It also considers the global and regional trends affecting the postal sector.
In addition to the studies and key summaries from major postal and economic events, the UPU also gathers input for its future postal strategy through comprehensive consultation with all its key stakeholders. The UPU takes an integrated approach, seeking feedback from member country governments, regulators and designated operators, as well as from additional stakeholders (such as retailers and other organizations from the UN family).
The UPU’s postal strategy is inspired by its mission and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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