Thursday 6 April 2017

NFPE Union Odisha Circle submitted memorandum on long pending unsettled issues to the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle with request for an early negotiated settlement failing which the first phase of agitational programme will be conducted through day long dharana programme on 19.04.2017

No. NFPE – ODI / Agitation / 2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 5th March, 2017
The Chief Postmaster General
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub:-         Memorandum on long pending unsettled issues of Odisha Circle with request for an early negotiated settlement to maintain peace and tranquility.

Respected Sir,
It is our constraint to intimate that in spite of writing a series of letters, discussions at various levels from Circle / R O to RJCM, some basic and genuine demands of the employees of Odisha Circle are not being attended to for years together. Rather, the Unions are being grossly disregarded due to non-acknowledgement of even a single letter written to the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle in violation of Directorate’s guidelines issued severally viz. No.3-6/82-SR, dated 10/13.09.1981, No. 10-3/87-SR, dated 08.03.1988 etc., which specify that the union letters should be promptly acknowledged and the matter in question decided as expeditiously as possible. If the decision in the matter is likely to get delayed for some time, an interim reply should invariably be sent to the union. In case the officer or the dealing hand concerned with the matter is on leave some alternative arrangements should be made to attend to the letters received from the union urgently.

But to our utter dissatisfaction, we are in doubt if anything happens as such. 

Most regretfully, it is intimated that though NFPE Unions, Odisha Circle accompanied with AIPEU, GDS, Odisha Circle conducted a day long dharana programme in front of the office of the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle on 15.06.2016, neither the staff representatives were invited for a meaningful negotiation nor the action taken report on the demands were intimated which compelled all the Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions, Odisha Circle to review the position with a decision to   bring all the pending issues once again to the kind notice of the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle for immediate fruitful consideration before adopting further trade union activities.

All the pending issues which were taken earlier and some current issues which are already brought to the notice of the competent authorities without any result are annexed  here with under the head “Charter of Demand”.

We do expect that our Circle Head will come forward with an open mind for a negotiated settlement of all the pending issues as early as possible and send the action taken report to all the Circle Secretaries signed below failing which we will have no other option left but to adopt Trade Union action by organizing  one day Dharana Programme on 19.04.2017 in front of the O/o the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar and to decide further course of action then and there.

With regards.

Encls.- Charter of Demands
Yours faithfully,

Copy to :
1.    The Secretary General, National Federation of Postal Employees, New Delhi with request for taking up the issues at Directorate level for early settlement to avert trade union action.
2.    All the General Secretaries of NFPE Unions with request for immediate intervention in early settlement of all the pending issues.
3.    All Circle Union Office Bearers of NFPE Unions, Odisha Circle with request to attend the Dharana Programme sharp at 9.30 AM on 19.04.2017 in front of the Chief PMG Office, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar.
4.    All the  Divisional Secretaries of NFPE Unions, Odisha Circle with request to conduct massive Launch Hour Demonstration in front of all the Divisional Offices in support of the Charter of Demands on 19.04.2017.

Part – A (Common Issues)

1.    Stop deviation to RJCM Model Constitution and hold Special RJCM meeting by the members and Leader, RJCM (Staff Side).

2.    Provide one room with all basic amenities in Circle Office for functioning of RJCM (Staff Side) office.

3.    Take immediate appropriate action against BSNL authorities, Odisha to vacate the CPMG building and CTO, Bhubaneswar occupied by them.

4.    Immediate transfer of Officers / Officials posted in sensitive posts and already completed / completing the prescribed tenure to non-sensitive posts without further extension as per CVC guidelines.

5.    Direct the Divisional / Unit Heads not to organize melas, meetings, trainings, workshops etc. on Sundays / Holidays.

6.    Immediate payment of Scheduled / Tribal  Area Allowance as per recommendations of 6th CPC to the postal employees of Odisha Circle

7.    a. Dequarterization of all P O Buildings with unsuitable / uninhabitable post attached quarters and having below schedule of accommodation to save the incumbents from huge financial loss due to compulsory occupation and avoid delay in settlement of all the pending cases on the plea of several queries for years together with payment of deducted HRA  to the incumbents retrospectively.
b.    Immediate shifting of all post offices having below schedule of accommodation and functioning in unsuitable/uninhabitable environment.
c.    Immediate Civil and Electrical maintenance of P O Buildings and Staff Quarters and provision of all basic amenities including Air Conditioners / Air Coolers as per necessity in all P O buildings and
d.    Stop posting of women employees in all such Post Offices without basic amenities as per Directorate guidelines.

8.    Provision of Police Escort in Cash Van & Deployment of Arm Guards in HOs/GPOs.

9.    Remove problems of the beneficiaries especially with regard to purchase / supply of medicines in Postal Dispensary, Berhampur and Cuttack and CGHS Wellness Centre No. 3, Bhubaneswar.

10. Sanction of all pending Medical / TA Bills and PLI / RPLI incentive to sale forces.

11. Immediate Shifting of Divisional Office, Cuttack North Division from Cuttack to Chandikhole.

12. Regularize AMC for UPS, Generators, Computers and other peripherals need to be covered under AMC with immediate replacement of damaged / obsolete UPS batteries.
13. Creation of new establishments with required number of staff for CBS CPC, PLI CPC and different Hubs now established in Post Offices and RMS Offices without diversion from the existing establishment.

14.  a. Stop outsourcing of woks in BPC, NSH, EPH and BNPL centre of Bhubaneswar GPO to outside agencies and effect payment to all daily wagers now working in such sections as per instructions contained in Directorate’s letter No. 2 – 53 / 2011 – PCC, dated 22.01.2015 circulated vide Circle Office letter No. Est / 1 – 14 – Ruling / 86, dated 28.01.2015 treating them as casual workers as per Directorate’s letter No. 45-24/88 – SPB-I, dated 17.05.1989 circulated vide letter No. 2 – 53 / 2011 – PCC, dated 17.06.2016.
b.    Regularize all casual workers appointed prior to 1993.
c.    Ensure immediate payment of remuneration to all Full Time Casual Labour (other than Temporary status) / Part Time Casual Labour / workers engaged on contingent basis w.e.f 01.01.2006 who are not yet paid as per  Directorate’s O M No. 2 – 53 / 2011 – PCC, dated 22.01.2015.
d.    Arrange immediate payment of remuneration to all Full Time Casual Labour (other than Temporary status) / Part Time Casual Labour / workers engaged on contingent basis w.e.f 01.01.2016 Directorate’s O M No. 7-10/2016-PCC, dated 31.03.2017.

15.  Consult with the Staff Side before introduction / implementation of any new product and service of the Department in Odisha Circle.

Part – B ( Sectional Issues)

1.    Immediate settlement of all irregularities done in the promotion of eligible officials to LSG cadre and subsequent posting as a part of implementation of Cadre Restructuring Proposal of Group-C Postal Employees in Odisha Circle which are already brought to the notice of the Chief PMG, Odisha by AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle submitting the resolutions unanimously adopted in its Circle Working Committee-cum-Council Meeting dated 26.03.2017.

2.    Stop  transfer of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I, HSG-I NFG officials in the name of completion of station tenure since non-gazetted and the condition of  station tenure is not applicable to such officials and cancel all the memos issued so far.

3.    Resolve all issues arising out of CBS and CIS with supply of proper and adequate hardware including Pass Book / Laser Printer, increase in bandwidth with equivalent MBPS/KBPS both for NSP-I and NSP-II, facilities of separate service providers for NSP-I and NSP-II, additional nodes to all single handed SOs, etc.

4.    Posting of one Accountant in each PLI CPC for performing the work of quality checker.

5.    Immediate return of P As / S As brought on deputation of Circle Office to respective parent Divisions and stop such deputation in future since Divisions are running with acute shortage of staff.

6.    Immediate shifting of ARO, O / o the SRO, Bhubaneswar  who has been posted misleading the administration with submission of false medical certificate.
7.    Immediate supply of uniform items to all uniformed staff as discussed and assured in Four-monthly / RJCM meeting.

8.    Immediate fixing of line limit  for Cash Overseers and for Post Offices.

9.    Stop irregular recovery of monthly union subscription from TRCA of the members who have already resigned from AIGDS ( alias AIPEDEU) and now formed AIPEU GDS.

10. Stop irregular transfer of GDS in the name of arrangement against clear vacancies.

11. Immediate filling up of all vacant posts of GDS

12. Immediate withdrawal of the irregular order issued by PMG, Berhampur instructing GDS Staff of Berhampur and Aska Division to carry mail bags twice a day.

13. Immediate sanction of all pending Combined Duty Allowance , Paid Holidays and Severance Amount to GDS staff.

14. Immediate posting of the Circle Secretary, AIPSBCO Employees Association, Odisha Circle in the Circle Head quarters, Bhubaneswar allowing him to participate in all periodical meetings with NFPE unions.

15. Immediate transfer of SBCO staff posted in sub-urban areas/unpopular stations and completed /completing their tenure to the City Divisions and more popular areas as enunciated in D G Posts letter No. 141-77/2000-SPB.III, dated 02.03.2000..

16. Immediate review of vacancies and restoration of the posts of PA, SBCO irregularly abolished during 2006-2007.

17. Allow the Circle Secretary/representative(s) of AIPAEA, Odisha Circle  to participate in all periodical meetings with NFPE unions.

18. Stop arbitrary reduction of monthly membership subscription of the members of AIPAEA in PAO, Cuttack.

19. Proper review and correct assessment of vacancies in Accountant and MTS cadre in the O/o the DA(P), Cuttack as per existing rules and immediate action to fill up the vacancies since out of 305 sanctioned strength, only 155 officials are working in toto as on 01.03.2017 for which entire Odisha Circle is suffering in timely settlement and quick disposal of SDBS, NPS and pension cases and other works.

20. Stop irregular periodical meetings with non-applicant union and unauthorized person of Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar.

21. Immediate constitution of Screening Committee for promotion of eligible officials to MACP-III in Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar.

22. Immediate supply of paper and Genset for smooth functioning of Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar.

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